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Park-n-Sons Archery LLC

Park-n-sons Archery LLC & Custom Bowstrings

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Custom Bow Strings

Custom bowstrings and cables "Hand Crafted by one Person" . All Bow Tuning is done by one person and one person only

Tom Parkinson Owner/Operator of Parknsonsarchery 

Precision Bow Tuning and Maintenance. Retailer for only the "best" products in the archery Industry 

World Champion, Hunter, or Recreational Archer

All of My Strings and Cables are Built to the Same Standards , Same Materials , Same Care, That Will Help Any Archer Achieve Their Goals  

Proud Sponsor of

Idaho State Bowhunters

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Mission statement:   


The Idaho State Bowhunters, Inc. (ISB) is a non-profit organization of sportsmen and women, and affiliated bowhunting clubs dedicated to protect and improve Idaho’s wildlife heritage of bowhunting for present and future generations. ISB provides an organization where Idaho’s Bowhunters and bowhunting clubs can come together to seek  consensus on issues important to bowhunting. The ISB provides education to the Idaho sportsmen’s organizations, legislative bodies and other governmental entities on bowhunting issues.   

Bowhunters Creed

  I firmly resolve, without reservations or equivacation, to uphold the following bow hunting principles.

  1. That I will support national, state and provincial regulatory agencies and conservation organizations in the propagation and management of all game.
  2. That I will at all times actively support and promote hunting with a bow.
  3. That I will abide by current game regulations and at all times conduct myself as a sportsman so as not to bring discredit to the bowhunting fraternity.
  4. That I will respect landowners rights.
  5. That I will assist all bowhunters in locating places to hunt, but i will not impose myself knowingly on another bowhunter.
  6. That I will enjoy the challenge of the hunt and will study the habits of the game I hunt.
  7. That I will use legal archery equipment and will search long and diligently to track down and recover any wounded game.