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Park-n-Sons Archery LLC

Park-n-sons Archery LLC & Custom Bowstrings

All String Sets Constructed with BCY Products Only . No gimmicks, just plain ole time tested methods that have been proven in the field and on the podium  

I only use time tested blended string materials 452x

Why? Blended materials offer the least amount of creep and stretch over unblended products in all weather conditions

Only Halo end serving and Angel Majesty Center serving used

These serving materials are a little more pricey , but have proven themselves time and time again in the field and on the podium

BCY Color Chart/ Options/Please Read

I only offer two Options of Serving Colors . Black Or Clear Halo. Reason Being Black is the best color for contrasting and makes your color selections pop. Black also does not get dirty, it is not bulky or thick from excessive dye/pigments which allows for smaller transitions and better fitment in todays smaller  cam tracks. Clear Halo is also small and allows brighter contrasting colors to show through, allows for smaller transitions and smaller diameter bundles like black, However the clear will not stay clear for ever , it will start to turn opaque and cloudy over time. Just something to keep in mind when placing the order. I know that other builders offer more cam serving color options, but I personally don't like how those other colors fade and or flake , they can be larger in diameter and just takes away from the clean look of the string. I apologize if this may be an inconvenience, but I have thousands or strings out there and hundreds have happy successful Achers with the two options I have described . I also Only offer at this time two types of string materials , 452X and BCY X as both thse materilas have proven themsleves time and time again in all weather conditions . They are both blended materials that are a combination  of  vectran and dyneema .  you can read about them here http://www.bcyfibers.com/Bowstring.php If you have any questions about materials please feel free to contact me and I will will answer your questions based on my experience and facts 

Click on the PDF below to See offered Colors 

Price List


By submitting the form below the user agrees that Park-n-Sons Archery is not responsible for customers miss use of strings/cables to include, improper installation of strings and cables , dry fires, improper drawing of the bow, using less than 5 grains per pound of arrow weight, exposure to excessive heat, friction, flame and strings cut on sharp objects to include sharp cam pegs and cam tracks. Bow String/Cable waxing should be frequent & with fingers only. User must follow bow manufactures all notes, warnings and safety precautions in manuals & on their web sites . I will not  warranty  my strings/cables sold to 3rd party . Due to the fact the 3rd party did not accept terms of agreement  upon placeing  order  for my product. 

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