Quality You Can Trust

What you need to know

A little about myself:

This is a 30 year Veteran owned company that prides itself in quality control and quality service. Let me start out by saying I'm a one man show and I am not a high out put company . If you want your string in one day, this is not the place for you. I'm a custom builder , not a production builder. If you want quality and don't mind a delay , then you are in the right place. There is an old saying that goes something like this , "If you want something really bad , that's how you will receive it" . I don't want to ever find myself in that category, of you receiving a bad product .

My strings have reached the far corners of the globe , they have helped many archers achieve their goals such as world championships, national championships, gold medals in world archery, world records and countless successful harvests . I am truly humbled by the people that trust in my work when it matters.

I have been around archery my whole life , my family worked for Bear Archery in Grayling Michigan since the late 1940s. So you can say its in my blood. I'm in the business because I love archery and I truly enjoy helping people achieve their goals in our beloved sport.

Now a little about my product.

I make all my strings out of the best materials I can buy. BCY 452X or 454 String material, Black Halo end Serving and Angel Majesty Center Serving on colored strings and colored serving on white or natural strings. I wont use clear servings on strings for two reasons, its slicker and don't grip as well as colored serving and it "will" eventually turns opaque/ugly and  gets dirty fast.  In my experience clear serving looks good for a only a  bit and doesn't perform as well as the black or colored serving .  Additionally , bright color string material contrasts best against the black serving which provides that " pop "   you are looking for . You pay good money for a string set and I want it to be as worry and maintenance free as possible for you . These materials are the best and most expensive you can buy from BCY.  I don't have any gimmicks or fancy names for my strings and I don't have different quality levels either . What you order is the same string material and quality that I put on Champion Archers Like Steve "Big Cat Anderson and his wife Linda Ochoa Anderson's bows.    

Company policies – First I don't believe in a written guaranty on a perishable item like a bow string that wears , its too unpredictable . I personally think its a sales gimmick . That said I have always backed my product whether it be my fault or yours. All I ask is that you be honest with me,  if its my fault I will take care of you. If its your fault, normally I wont charge you for the repair or replacement.  Either way I will make it right,  that much I can promise you. I consider every sale a hand shake, if that's not good enough then I don't need to be in business   

Additionally I don't take payment until your item is ready to ship. The reason for that is,  life gets in the way sometimes . I may get sick, you may get sick, family emergency where you might need the money. I don't want tie up your money if you need it and I especially don't want to tie up your money if I'm unable to produce your product for some unforeseen circumstances.